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Getting deep on Money Diaries

Unagii Profile Series: Featuring the best stories about money and yields on people in DeFi, Crypto, Blockchain, and more.

Gabrielle Chia
Gabrielle Chia

In the coming weeks, we've much to share about the leaders making waves behind projects we support. We'll be unpacking their stories and their thoughts on money and yields in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space.

At Unagii, we're more than just staking as we are now. As a yield bento toolbox of services in DeFi, we hope to share a more human angle behind some innovative products and projects in the industry and help amplify other new ones like ours.

Part One

Expect to get deep on money diaries from our wallet partners and the staking network we piloted Unagii with. Read about the Torus Co-Founder's entrepreneurial heart and his road to Ethereum; how our own Co-Founder's hunger for yields led to building a DeFi yield aggregation platform; and more!

Here's the lineup:

Future Parts

We'll be diving deeper into DeFi yield strategies with our CEO and other experts in the space. Following that, it's going to be all about ecosystems and mainstream education by some of the growth leaders driving adoption in DeFi, crypto, and blockchain.

Follow their journey, be inspired, and learn some tips.


Gabrielle Chia